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HMRC VAT returns service

Why do I need to
submit a VAT Return?

The turnover of your business determines whether or not you need to submit a VAT Return. If your turnover exceeds the current UK VAT threshold, you’ll need to register with HMRC and submit a VAT Return every four months. Deciding whether or not you should register for VAT isn’t always straightforward so the team at Numberjuice is here to help. We’ll look at your business accounts and circumstances, and help you choose the best option for you.

Submit a VAT return

How do I submit
a VAT Return?

If you are already using our cloud-based accounting software, completing and submitting a VAT Return to HMRC should be straightforward. Your accounts will be accurate and up to date, so it is simply a case of making sure you are claiming for all the VAT your business has incurred and checking all your bookkeeping figures are correct. HMRC will have provided you with an ID and password when you registered for VAT; you will need them to submit your Return online. If your accounts are more complex you might need some advice, or even an accountant to complete and submit your VAT Return for you.

VAT Returns should always be checked carefully

Is there anything else
I should check?

There are details on your VAT Return you might want to check before you submit to HMRC. Are the dates of your VAT registration and first Return correct? Have you chosen invoice or cash accounting, and was that the best option for this tax return? Have you chosen the correct VAT flat rate scheme setting? Have you included items bought or sold outside the UK, and all your invoices and expenses for the VAT Return period? We can help you with these and all your VAT Return questions. Remember, we’re here to help!

VAT return process explained

What happens next?

If there are any inaccuracies or there is anything missing from your VAT return HMRC might refuse it or decide to investigate your accounts themselves. And of course if your figures are inaccurate your VAT return will be incorrect too. If you’re signed up to Numberjuice we’ll go through your accounts and bookkeeping to make sure everything is in order. We’ll find and correct any mistakes before your VAT Return is submitted to HMRC, and make sure you’re not paying too much VAT.

HMRC VAT Return investigations

Why would HMRC investigate my VAT Return?

HMRC could decide to investigate your VAT affairs for various reasons. Mostly, it would be because the figures you have submitted on your Return look wrong. However certain industries are more frequently investigated either because they are more likely to submit inaccurate calculations (eg because they frequently take cash payments) or because they have particularly complex VAT affairs. Sign up to Numberjuice and we will take care of your VAT Returns, so even if HMRC does decide to investigate, you know your figures are accurate and correct.

VAT status can change year to year

Can my VAT status
vary year to year?

Yes, it can. For example you may have fallen below the UK VAT threshold in which case perhaps you should de-register, or you may benefit from being on a different VAT scheme. As part of our service, we will review your business accounts and circumstances to make sure your business is paying the right type - and the correct amount - of UK tax.