Security Policy

Technology keeps changing. The Internet keeps changing. As long as there is a ‘Buy’ button, online security will be of paramount importance.

Our security partner, Starfield Technologies, realized that successful security on the Internet was all about trust. It is around this premise that Starfield Technologies has built its business.

About SSL and digital certificates

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security protocol developed by Netscape for managing the security of online message transmission. SSL encrypts or scrambles any information sent from your browser to the server you are connected to, making it virtually impossible to intercept and tamper with the information on the way.

Certification Authorities

Certification Authorities (CAs) are independent bodies that are authorized to issue and sign digital certificates. As part of the process of issuing digital certificates, CAs validate the information to be contained in the digital certificate according to their own Certificate Practice Statements (CPS)* before issuing the certificate.

The role of CAs is therefore crucial as they effectively determine trust, and therefore need to be highly trusted themselves. Starfield Technologies was one of the first Certification Authorities around and has built a reputation of unrivalled trust over the years.

That’s why we secure our site with Certification … so you can rest easy.