Team Motivation and Productivity


Improving team motivation and productivity can seem like a daunting task but more often than not, the answers are right there in front of you.

Whilst you might not be able to improve productivity overnight, these tips are relatively simple and will help you and your team build a more successful business in the long term.


Create a comfortable workspace

If your employees don’t feel comfortable in their surroundings, they’ll struggle to work productively. If your office is dark, doesn’t smell great, is too cramped or full of mess, it can be incredibly distracting and will have a serious effect on their motivation.

Whilst an expensive, luxury office might be out of the question, make the most of what you have by creating a bright and pleasant atmosphere for everyone. You’ll be surprised how effective it can be.


Promote self-development

Workers that feel like they are stuck in a dead-end job are likely to become unmotivated and unproductive very quickly. Whether it’s through a potential promotion or just through your own experience and knowledge, give your members of staff something to work towards.

Good employees will want to move up through the ranks or will be trying to learn new things all the time. Give your team what they need to stay super productive and motivated any way you can.


Be firm but kind

Being a boss is so difficult because it’s hard to get the balance right. If you give your employees too much freedom to do as they please, then productivity will drop and nothing will ever get done. However, be too firm with your team and they’ll start to resent you and hate their jobs.

Find the right balance by setting tough but attainable targets, check up on your team regularly and keep on top of your own workload to set a good example.


Encourage collaboration

Most people tend to thrive when working collaboratively. Whether it’s in small teams or a whole office affair, working collaboratively to reach one end goal will improve productivity and with your help, keep everyone in the office super motivated.

Make sure everyone is on board with the entire project but also give employees their own piece to work on, as this further encourages self-development.


Avoid unnecessary meetings

So many bosses and managers make the mistake of holding meeting after meeting, many of which are completely unnecessary. This can seriously hinder productivity, as meetings will take up a huge chunk of your team’s day and can make people feel sluggish and unmotivated.

Before you decide to hold a meeting, ask yourself: what can I add to my notes/instructions/briefing by having my team in the room? If you can’t come up with any answers to this question, then you can probably just send an email instead.