Struggles of young entrepreneurs


Being young entrepreneurs, you’ll come across many struggles during your start-up journey but pushing on through these is what helps to make your business a success. Below, we take a look at three of the biggest struggles young people face when starting their own businesses.

Struggles of young entrepreneursGaining Respect From Others

Gaining respect as a young entrepreneur can be incredibly difficult. Despite your drive and perhaps even your industry knowledge, some people can still have a hard time letting go of your age. You’re likely to come up against a lot of scrutiny as a young person running your own business but you shouldn’t let that put you off.

It goes without saying that you need a thick skin to be an entrepreneur, without one you simply wouldn’t make it. Nevertheless, no matter what people say about your age you should always continue to believe in what you’re doing. You probably already know that you’re not the most experienced in your field but a willingness to learn will always help you to achieve your goals.

Getting angry about people’s inability to take you seriously isn’t going to get you very far and will leave you feeling pretty down. Instead, show them why you’re in the business and what ideas you have to improve the industry.


Being Relatable To Friends & Family

Because entrepreneurialism and starting up your own business is such a personal thing, many young people find that their friends and family can’t relate to what they do. Getting support from your friends and family is essential but no matter how hard they try, they’ll never fully grasp what you are going through.

Being an entrepreneur is difficult and there’s a lot of unobserved, behind the scenes work to do before you launch your business. This can make it hard for others to understand and you may begin to feel a little isolated during the start-up process.

Nonetheless, pushing away those closest to you isn’t a smart thing to do. Instead, make sure that you split your social and work time properly and take time out to go for those drinks. Good friends and family will support you no matter what.


Ditching Perfection

Being a young entrepreneur, you’re probably going to want to prove your worth at every turn. Striving for perfection isn’t necessarily a bad trait to have but it’s important to get the balance right if you don’t want to miss out on big opportunities

Many new business owners want 100% perfection before they go into the market but that simply isn’t going to happen. Your product or service will continually change throughout your journey as you learn more about your industry and what people want.

Therefore, it makes more sense to get your product out there when the time is right and work on perfecting it as you grow. As long as what you’re providing is well thought out and functional, you shouldn’t worry about the smaller kinks that can be ironed out at a later stage.


No matter what industry you’re trying to break into, staying humble and working hard are important if you want to succeed. Your drive and passion will see you through, so keep working on your product or service and make it the best it can be.