How to Stay Focused on Your To-Do List


Ignore the Dog

When you’re self-employed, your to-do list is part of staying organised. However, as we all know it’s far too easy to get side-tracked, and something always comes up when you actually need to stay focused on the tasks at hand.


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These simple and effective tips will stop you having to work longer hours in a day than you need, and give you more time with your dog.

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Only Use Effective Online Tools

You may think that online tools will help to make you more productive, but they can take the focus away from the task at hand. Be critical of those tools and only use the ones that are really effective for boosting your own productivity within your small business.

You want those that are quick to set up, and won’t require too much effort to keep them running. If you find that you spend more time setting up the tools than it would take you to do everything on your list, then it’s a no go.

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One Task At A Time

Don’t be tempted to do two tasks at once. The best thing for productivity is to focus on one task at a time, and only move on once that task is complete. Your brain is able to focus on the task at hand better, and you’re less likely to start procrastinating about something else. You’ll also complete the task much quicker, which helps you get through your day in record time.

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Know When You’re Procrastinating

Some people view some procrastination as worthwhile. It helps them get things done that they would otherwise forget. However, it’s taking your focus from your to-do list. It’s time to know when you are procrastinating, admit to it and move right back onto your to-do list. If it’s something that does need doing, add it onto the to-do list and do it later.

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Take A Break

It seems counterproductive for many, but it could be the best thing you ever do. Sometimes simply sitting down and gazing into space is when that eureka moment will hit. Take a break, get outside or just go online to browse for five minutes. It gives your brain and body the break they both need from constant work. You can then get straight back to your to-do list, and keep your focus until your next break.

It is possible to stay focused on your to-do list and boost your productivity. You can work fewer hours but get more done, so you make the most of your self-employed lifestyle. Follow the tips above and you’ll be well on your way.

Here Are Some Great Tools To Help Manage Your Time:

Our cloud invoicing tool that will keep you organised, issue timely reminders automatically and keep track of your customer payments all in one tin. You can even give it a trial run for free today!

Dropbox is a free, quick and easy service that allows you to store and access your documents, images and videos wherever you are. You can also share these files freely with your colleagues making team projects easier to manage.

Skype offers free video calling and chat facilities. On top of this, you can call landlines and compatible smartphones from just 0.7p a minute. It’s pretty user-friendly too and can be used on your any device.

Remember The Milk
If it’s just simple task management you’re after then RTM will provide you with the functionality, and what’s great about it (other than the cool name!) is that it’s available as a web based thing. Plus, you can integrate it with various online services like: Gmail, Google Calendar, MS Outlook, Evernote and even Twitter.