Do I need a responsive website?


Nowadays, most businesses understand the importance of a well-designed layout to encourage visitors to their site. Despite this, many still look past the importance of using a responsive website design. A responsive design creates a smoother, easier user experience on every kind of device and has a number of benefits for businesses too.

Below are five reasons to seriously consider upgrading to a responsive website design right this second.


1. Mobile use is continually on the rise

With mobile use now overtaking traditional laptop or PC use, you might be crazy to think that a responsive website is a waste of time. Every month mobile use continues to grow and unlike other forms of device usage, it shows no signs of slowing down. If your website isn’t equipped to deal with mobile or tablet usage, then you could be isolating a large percentage of your customers.


2. You can improve your SEO ranking

Responsive websites generally perform better in search rankings simply because they only use one URL. When you opt for a separate mobile site, you’ll have to deal with two different URLS. Mobile phones also have different search algorithms to their traditional counterparts and can therefore offer more complex insights into how your customers or potential customers find you.


3. Responsive design improves click through from social media

If you’re trying to enhance click throughs from your social media profiles, then responsive design is a must as most social media consumption takes place on a mobile or tablet device. If you want to guide consumers to your site through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you don’t have a responsive site, you could be losing potential leads.


4. Responsive design equals less site management

Using a responsive website design ensures that you only have to manage one site, rather than two. This is likely to save you time and money, both now and in the future. More importantly, managing one responsive site can significantly increase your ROI.


5. A responsive design provides a better user experience

Probably the best reason to use a responsive website design is that it provides a far superior browsing experience for your customers. Anyone who has ever tried to visit a site on their phone, when it isn’t compatible with a mobile device, will know how utterly frustrating it can be. If a user can’t access the information they need within the first 10-20 seconds, it’s highly likely they will leave.

So, do you really need a responsive website? If you want to grow your customer base and improve leads then the answer is a big, resounding yes.