Get paid quickly with professional invoices


Getting paid on time is seriously important for small businesses. An interruption in cash flow can lead to issues that damage your sales and the reputation of your company. Fortunately, you can improve payments times with a more professional looking invoice and this guide will show you how.

Get paid quickly with professional invoices

Make Your Invoice Stand Out

If you want your invoice to be dealt with more quickly, you need to make sure it isn’t being put to the bottom of the pile (virtual or otherwise). Branding your invoice and making it unique is a good way to catch your client’s attention. A branded invoice looks highly professional compared to a regular, generic one and can be put together quickly and easily with the help of the invoicing software.


Add An Easy Way To Pay

Want to get paid quicker? Then make it easier for clients to pay you. Numberjuice can add a pay now button to every invoice you send. Stop your payments being left to last minute and stop giving clients a reason not to pay your quicker with a simple but effective interactive invoice.


Professional Invoices And A Professional Manner