How to stay motivated at work


Staying motivated at work is a big problem for a lot of people. With so much mental stimulation all around us, it’s no wonder we can’t just focus on one task. Whilst breaking this cycle of procrastination can be difficult, once you make a change you’ll soon slip into a routine that keeps you motivated for longer.

We’re not saying you’ll reach peak motivation for the rest of your life – that would be impossible – but you can give yourself a little motivational boost every day with some instant and long term lifestyle changes.


Stray away from your comfort zone

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with doing work that’s easy and comfortable, it can sometimes become a little samey, leading to a serious dip in motivation. To combat this, try tackling that piece of work or hobby you never thought you’d do, or if you’ve always dreamed of starting a new side project, just go for it.

When jumping into something new, it can be seriously overwhelming. So rather than trying to do everything at once (this can actually harm your motivation), take it step by step. Even the tiniest achievement will boost your motivation considerably.


Tidy up!

Even if we don’t notice it, our minds are incredibly influenced by what’s around us. This is why we struggle to concentrate when our rooms or desks are in a mess. It doesn’t take long to have a tidy up but the benefits of a tidy space will last all day.

If your work space is looking a little worse for wear, give it a super speedy clean at the weekend or even in the morning before you start your day. When it comes to your brain, smells are just as important as sights. So if you want to take it a step further, purchase a plugin spray or even a scented candle for your desk.


Live well, work well

If you find it hard to get motivated because your body or eyes feel sluggish, then a poor diet could be the problem. We’re always told to eat for our health but a good diet feeds your mind too. Dehydration, alongside vitamin deficiencies can seriously affect your levels of concentration, leading to a dip in motivation.

Want to start combatting this today? Drink a glass of water every morning and remember to keep topped up throughout the day. Incorporate more fruit and veg into your diet, even if it’s a simple salad or a glass of fruit juice.

The benefits of hydration can be instant but when you change your diet, you’ll probably start to notice a real change in just a few weeks. So what are you waiting for? Get up, take a break and pour yourself a glass of water now.