Effective marketing for small businesses


Create Leads With E-Marketing

Not enough small businesses really understand how important email marketing is. There’s so much scope for lead generation and it’s an easy way to keep customers engaged with your services, without bombarding them on a constant basis.

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If you don’t already have a juicy database filled with email addresses, then you need to start thinking about landing pages. Create a great landing page and you’ll have no trouble acquiring user details.

Whether it’s a freebie, discount or another enticing offer, you should clearly direct users to your sign-up form. There are some fantastic examples of effective landing pages online; you just have to do your research.

Once you have a healthy sample of email addresses, you can start to build a top notch email marketing campaign full of offers and engaging content.

Utilise The Free Stuff

When we talk about free stuff we, of course, mean social media and blogging. Most business owners know that it’s free and easy to set up social media accounts but once you have them, you need to use them. Rather than just setting up accounts willy-nilly, why not try researching what social media sites are best suited to your type of business?

If you’re a clothing company, then Instagram is definitely one to consider but if you’re a business offering services rather than products, then another route is probably preferable. Once you’ve figured out what social media sites are best for you, make sure you post to them.

What Can I Use Social Media For?

  • Keep your customers up-to-date with the latest products.
  • Send them to your website for new content or sales.
  • Send them to your blog/vlog and let them know what you’ve been up to.
  • Address concerns, queries and other customer issues.
  • Create a positive and friendly image for your company.

How Often Should I Post?

Once or twice a day is best on sites like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn – any more than this and people can start to switch off. Twitter is a little more flexible and you should aim to update more regularly, especially if you are engaging with customers.

Engage, Engage, Engage!

Effective marketing for small businesses starts and grows with the customer. Your customers are your most effective marketing tool because if they like a product or service, then they’re going to talk about it.

Actively engage your current and potential customers, whether it’s through social media or local events, and they will respond. You only need to look at huge companies like ASOS and Amazon to know that customer engagement really works.

It’s All About Value

If a customer feels valued, they will continue to buy from you and if other individuals can see that you care about your customers, then they will buy from you too. It’s a simple marketing process but it just takes time.

There are so many free and low-cost ways to market your small business effectively – all you need to do is get on board and show your dedication.