Top Tips to make Invoicing Easier


Make Invoicing Easier

Invoicing can be boring and confusing at times but it doesn’t have to be. There are some things you can do to improve the way you invoice and ensure that you are paid on time, every time. This guide gives you a few ways you can improve your invoices and take back control, whether you are at home or on the go.

Invoicing on mobile phone

Invoice On The Go

Most of us don’t have the tools to invoice whilst we’re out and about and that’s not right. Setting up a system where you can invoice wherever your work or social life takes you should be a must have. We understand that it’s not always easy to keep all of your information with you on the go and invoicing can be tough without a laptop or home PC. That’s why our online invoicing system allows you to access all the information you need on the go. Simply set up an account with us and you’re ready to start invoicing from your phone, tablet or wherever you can get a Wi-Fi signal.


Set Up Reminders

With strict invoicing deadlines, remembering to send each invoice out on time can be a real nightmare, especially for small businesses. Forget to send an invoice and you could be waiting over a month until you get paid, leaving you and any employees you might have out of pocket. Setting up reminders on your phone or writing them in your work diary can be unreliable. However, with a comprehensive online system dedicated to your invoicing needs, you can easily keep up to date with your accounting.


Make It Easy For Others

Your clients and customers like nothing more than for things to be made easy for them, so they’ll appreciate it if you can provide them with a way to pay you quickly and without fuss. Using the Number Juice online system, you have the option of a pay now button on all of your invoices for instant payments. Making payment easier for others benefits them and benefits you, as you’ll receive the money you’ve earned quicker.


Keep It Professional

Let’s face it, invoices can be pretty dull things and creating aesthetically pleasing invoice statements probably isn’t your top priority. Nonetheless, a professional looking invoice can have a huge impact on how others see you and if you had a simple and easy way to make them look smarter, wouldn’t you give it a go? With Number Juice, you can upload your company logo onto the online system and ensure it has a place on every invoice you’ll ever send.