Perfect your LinkedIn Profile


Want to get business networking on LinkedIn, but worried your LinkedIn profile might let you down?

Have no fear, Numberjuice has some quick tips on creating the perfect LinkedIn profile. Impress customers and connect with useful business people. From your headline to getting endorsements you will soon have a LinkedIn profile that helps you get noticed.

Perfect your Linked In profile - Numberjuice

Create Your Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Make sure your headline conveys your value, use verbs and active language to encourage engagement.

Profile Photo
Use a recent photo of you in work mode ready to do business. Think of this the way you would present yourself for an important business meeting.

Add a Header Picture
LinkedIn Profiles with a header picture are 11 times more likely to be viewed. Choose something personal to you, but professional and not too distracting.

Contact Information
Giving customers and contacts lots of ways to get in touch is a must. Make sure to complete this fully with emails, phone, website, and social details.

Provide an accurate and appealing description of yourself including past experiences. 68% of LinkedIn users are reconnecting with past business contacts so it’s good to include this information.

Customising your LinkedIn profile URL will make it look more professional plus make it easier to share and remember.

Add words people might search for when looking for you and your services/expertise to your profile. This will help you appear in key LinedIn searches making it easier for people to find and connect with you.

Get Endorsed
Ask for endorsements for your good work. 10 million endorsements are given on LinkedIn each day so make sure you are one of them. Also, make sure to give endorsements to others.

Using these tip will help you have a better profile on LinkedIn so you can connect and win more business.