How To Be An Effective Leader


As many successful entrepreneurs will tell you, running a profitable business isn’t just about the deals you make or how well you manage your finances. A fruitful business is also about the people behind the name and without a good leader, your company might just struggle to move forward.


This guide shows you how you can become a more effective leader by making a few simple changes to the way you run your business.

Don’t Go It Alone

The first thing to remember when learning how to become an effective leader is recognising that you can’t do it alone. As a business owner, there are only so many things you can do and skills you can master before cracks start to appear. You need a good team of people, unique individuals all with their own strengths.

Avoid Clones

When considering who to hire, don’t just pick people because you see a lot of yourself in them. Diversity is important and you’ll find it difficult to lead a team that’s made up entirely of people like you.

Don’t Just Focus On The Sale

Whilst good entrepreneurs do go into business to make money, they also go into it because they believe they can make a change and bring something to the industry.

If your entire focus is on selling your product, you’ll work your employees and yourself into the ground. Focus on the impact you can have on the market and the money will follow. A good leader cares about more than company profit.

Build Trust And Use It To Lead

Trust really is something that has to be earned, especially if you’re trying to lead a start-up company. It takes time for people to trust you, whether it’s your own employees or potential clients. If you want to be an effective leader, you should dedicate much of your time building a trusting relationship with the people you work with.

Alongside this, you have to ensure that you put your trust in others too. Trust employees, give them ownership of their actions and allow them to make a difference. Trust works both ways and your credibility as a leader will benefit from your ability to create honest relationships.

Stay Connected

If you want to build a reputation as an effective leader, you have to focus on face time. Making time for people is an essential part of your role as a leader and as an owner of a small company. Networking, phone conversations, bi-monthly meetings and working lunches – any way you can stay connected to employees and clients helps you to become a more effective leader.

If you don’t have the time to do it all yourself, share the load with others and create an active communication network.

Don’t Just Tell People What To Do, Lead Them.

With all the different things you have to get done as a company owner, it’s easy to forget that you need to be a leader too. Rather than simply telling your employees what to do, spend time nurturing and helping them. If you want to be an effective leader, you must show them that you care.

Most employees don’t leave their jobs because they hate the work, rather they have become disconnected with their managers. If you want to avoid this, get your employees as excited about your products and services as you are, otherwise, they’ll simply stop trying.


Are you an effective leader? What tricks and tips do you use to regularly improve your leadership skills?