How to increase productivity when working at home


Working at home can be a fantastic experience if you can keep your productivity levels high throughout the day. However, with distractions and home comforts all tempting you away from your desk, it’s not always easy to stay focused.

When working at home there are several ways you can improve your productivity and keep on top of those important tasks.

Clocks and timers

Separate Home Life When Working At Home

The most difficult thing about running a business from home is the merging of your home life and work life. If you want to be at your most productive, you have to separate the two things.

Always have a dedicated work space away from other areas of the home, even if it is just the spare room. Alongside this, make it clear to family members that they can’t just drop in whenever they like, just because you’re at home.

Get this balance right and you should be able to stay more focussed on your work.


Stay Away From Social Media

When you’re working from home, it can be all too easy to keep having a sneaky check on social media.

At the office, there’s more pressure on you to actually look like you’re doing work but at home, this isn’t the case.

A quick 5 minute Facebook check can turn into hour long sessions watching silly videos and taking pointless quizzes. Instead, give yourself time during your breaks to check social media accounts.


Always Start Early

There’s an awful lot of temptation to have a late start when you run a business from home but unfortunately, it’s a really big no-no when it comes to productivity.

The later you start, the less likely you are to get focussed. You might tell yourself that if you start later, you can finish later but when the time comes, it generally doesn’t happen.

An early start will help you to get into the swing of things quicker and you’ll also feel less guilty about taking those well-needed breaks that help improve productivity throughout the day.


Pretend You’re Going To The Office

Alongside an early start, getting ready for your day as if you were going out to the office will give you more focus for the day ahead.

Have breakfast when you get up, get a shower and put on some clothes. You don’t need to get dressed up to work from home but you’ll find yourself less tempted to curl up on the sofa or go back to bed if you’re not in your pyjamas.


Plan Out Your Day Correctly

This is a go-to productivity tip wherever you might be working but it’s especially important when your business is based from home.

Either the night before or in the morning, spend a little time planning out what work you need to complete for the day.

Set yourself some completion goals and tackle the most important elements first. This way, you can leave the less important tasks for later on in the day when productivity levels usually start to drop.


Make Yourself Comfortable

Whilst sitting around in your PJs isn’t the best way to increase productivity, you do want to ensure that you have a comfortable working space.

A good quality chair and a proper desk will help you get into a working mind frame far more quickly that just sitting on the sofa. Plants, scented candles, and a desk tidy can all help to give you a clean, fresh and comfortable space that’ll increase your productivity.

Staying productive at home means getting rid of those distractions and having self-discipline. Try making small changes to your day and you’ll see how much of a huge impact it makes in the long term.