How to set up a functional home office


If you’re planning on working or running a business from home, setting up a comfortable and functional office is really important. The separation between your work and home life is crucial for maximum productivity and whilst this is one of the biggest difficulties to overcome when setting up an office, it is doable with a few simple tweaks.


Desktop, tablet and mobile on office desk

Type Of Space

Thankfully, there’s not one type of space that makes for a perfect home office, so if you don’t have the biggest or squarest room, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a great office. Many DIY home business owners only have a small amount of free useable space but they still make it work for them. When it comes to home offices, it’s less about what type of space you have and more about what you do with it.

Of course, if you have a large space that’s fantastic, just be sure to use it properly. No matter if it’s a conservatory, spare room or a second lounge – you can transform it into a functional office space.

Office floor  plan drawing


Asides from aesthetics, there are some technical things that you really should consider before you start to move in objects like your desk or storage compartments. These include:

Plug sockets

Are there enough plug sockets for everything you’ll be using in your office and are they in the right area?

If not, consider how you are going to extend the amount and reach of your sockets without causing a tangled wire mess. A tidy office is a productive one, so keep those wires safe and out of sight the best you can.

Office lightand lamp


When we say lighting, we’re not talking about if the lighting is nice in your room. Instead, consider how the lighting will affect your PC or laptop. You want natural light in your room but too much screen glare can make it impossible to work effectively.


Consider the size of your room, then consider your storage needs. Whilst ample storage is important in your office, a good amount of floor space is still necessary, especially if you are expecting client or employee visits.

Paint with roller and power drill

Do’s And Don’ts

Simple do’s and don’ts to help keep your office tidy and functional

Do – Keep your space as separate as possible from your family home.
Don’t – Have a TV in your office at any point.
Do – Carefully measure your space for the perfect storage fit.
Don’t – Turn your space into a giant pile of paperwork.
Do – Add personal touches to your space that offer comfort and calm.
Don’t – Clutter your desk with too many unnecessary things.
Do – Take 5 or 10 minutes every day to tidy your office.
Don’t – Leave paperwork to pile up because you think you have no time to clean.
Do – Take your lunch break away from your office to improve productivity.
Don’t – Bring lunch or dinner food into your office space.

Office plant in pot

Finishing Touches

Sometimes a plain room can be just as distracting as a messy one. Whilst you want to minimise disruptions as much as possible, a homely touch can give you a more comforting space to work in. A small plant, family photo or even scented candles can offer that unique touch and make your home office a more pleasant space to work in.

When it comes to creating the perfect, functional home office it’s the little things that make a big difference.