A guide to hiring your first technician


If you’re thinking about hiring your first technician, then you probably already know it’s not going to be an easy task. Finding the right tech expert isn’t easy, especially if you’re not 100% sure what you need yourself but there are a few ways you can attract the right people to the role.

Hirig a technician - Numberjuice

This simple guide will give you some great tips and
ideas on how to find the right person for the job.

Identify What You’re Looking For

The first step and probably the most important, is to figure out what you’re looking for. This is much easier to do if you already have some technician friends or acquaintances that you can go to for help.

Explore your network and talk to people who you think might be able to help. Tell them what you need, what the job at hand actually is and the type of person you’re looking for. This will help you to identify what competencies the job will actually require and then, you can start getting in touch with the right kinds of people.

Create A Pitch They Can’t Turn Down

Everyone is desperate for a top notch technician – after all, they’re experts in their field. Unfortunately, this does mean that you’ll probably have to fight for someone with talent but you can make that fight fairer with an excellent pitch.

An honest, well thought out and highly detailed job description, as well as an elevator style pitch about your company, will really help to seal the deal. Generic statements about roles and mysterious pay packages do not attract people to tech jobs. Always be clear about what you want and persuade potential candidates that they are perfect for the role.

You’re more likely to find the perfect technician if you are active in channels that your candidates follow. Alongside your pitch, you should be frequently publishing blogs, articles and guides to both well-known and niche channels. Show them why they NEED to work for you, how the role will benefit them and what your achievements are up until now.

Reach Out And Ask The Right Questions

Once you’ve established yourself and found the perfect pitch, you’ll need to put the role out there. Finding top notch recruiters that specialise in finding and promoting technicians is a great idea. Good recruiters are sometimes hard to come by but if you’re willing to do some digging, you’ll discover some gems.

Try to broaden your professional network as much as possible, that way you can start making moves in the right places. Attend casual tech meet ups, talk about the passion and dreams you have for your company but don’t go in for the hard sell, or people might start to get suspicious of your intentions.

Interview Questions To Ask Your Candidate Could Include:

What are your expectations for the role?

What are you looking for in your next job?

Where do your proficiencies lie?

Where do you want to be in five years?

When interviewing beyond your own capabilities, it sometimes helps to get advice from someone already in the field. Again, this is where you should be reaching out to your network. Either work with them to create the perfect interview structure or ask them to come and help with the interview itself.

Take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for and you’ll attract some of the best people to the role and to your company.