What exactly is Cloud Accounting?


Basically, accounting in the cloud just means that you’re accounting online. The software you used to use on your computer is now accessible online, which means that you can now do everything from different devices and different computers, without the software being installed on each and every one of them.

Cloud Accounting Diagram -  Numberjuice

You can even do your accounts whilst you’re in another country on your iPad or smartphone!

Access Your Accounts Whenever You Want

There’s no need to wait until your back in the office to check on that big invoice or the state of your accounts. You can do it from home, from the coffee shop or even while you’re on holiday. All you need is a device and the internet, and you’re good to go.

This is great for a small business or the self-employed, as you will likely need to take care of all this yourself. You can’t always wait a day or even a week until you finally get back to your desk.

Cheaper Method of Accounting

Because you’re only installing one piece of software, (if you even need it), cloud accounting ends up being a cheaper option. Everyone who needs to access it can do at a click of a button, but it is still protected from hackers and scammers. There is no need to hire storage to keep accounting files, as everything is stored virtually and accessible 24/7 365 days a year.

Your Accountant Gets Easy Access

All your receipts and documents can easily be stored in the cloud. This is great for your accountant. He will be able to access everything from his own desk, without you bringing everything in. If there is a problem with something, he can call you up and then you just scan items in and put them in the cloud again.

Cloud accounting makes invoicing and business finances so much easier. It is perfect for big and small businesses, and even something self-employed individuals will benefit from. Isn’t it time you made your accounts much easier?