Etsy Selling – Turning your passion into a business.


Is Your Business Right For Etsy?

If you’re considering selling on Etsy, then you’ve probably already thought about whether or not your business idea is right for the site. Etsy specialises in handmade and vintage items, meaning that there’s an eclectic mix of Collectors, Artists, Jewellers and Clothing Designers on the site, as well as many other creative types.

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If your business idea doesn’t cover one of these areas, then Etsy probably isn’t the right selling site for you.

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Setting Up Your Shop

It’s quick and easy to set up your shop on Etsy and as long as you have products and photos to upload, you can start right away. You’ll need to set up a free account, choose a shop name, fill out your about me section and add a banner to your shop if you wish. If you’re planning selling a wide variety of products, you can also add sections to your shop.


Etsy fees can vary depending on how customers pay or what currency you list in. There are also a range of other variable fees if you are planning to sell in a more advanced way. For basic sellers, they have a fee of $0.20 per listed item and a 3.5% fee on the price of the item sold.

You can find out more about Etsy fees here.


If you’re planning on turning your passion into a business, you’ll need to get your business head on. It’s a simple fact that your products aren’t going to sell if you price them too high and if you under-price them, you risk losing out.

It’s so easy to check the going rate of items you are selling online, especially if there are other sellers offering similar goods. You can either research prices on the Etsy site, or use Google to see how much your items might be worth. Aim to be competitive but don’t undersell yourself.

Product Titles, Keywords And Descriptions

Just like selling on any other site, product titles, descriptions and keywords are so important to get right if you want to do well.

The first 5 words of your product title are what will show up when a user searches for an item on Etsy, so don’t waste these. Your title should tell users exactly what the item is. So if it’s a pair of Channel earrings that are flowery and from the 1980s, your description might look something like this: ‘1980s Vintage Chanel Floral Earrings’.

Following on from this example, your description can be used to add more detail to your listing but it should still be kept short and sweet. Here you could describe the shape, size and material of the product. Descriptive words are nice but ensure you have the most important information written first.

When it comes to tagging, Etsy actually helps its shop owners by offering tag ideas. You should tag all the basic stuff first like vintage, earrings, floral, Chanel but then move on to other tags such as the decade, the material, etc. The more you research, the better you’ll become at tagging your items for maximum impact.


Finally, you should be thinking seriously about your product photography. If you want your products to sell, you need to have attractive photographs. People buy with their eyes before they even see the description, so if your photos are blurry or grainy then people aren’t going to click that buy button. If you haven’t already, you should consider investing in a digital SLR camera.

You can add up to 5 photos per item on Etsy, so you have a good chance to make your product shine.

Think hard about what your customers will want to see. If you are saying your product is leather, is there any way you can prove this? If your product is particularly small, can you somehow show its scale? Does your product look good from a particular angle?