5 of the best entrepreneurial books


Knowledge is such an important part of an entrepreneur’s life. From building your own character, to building your business, learning is the key to success.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 5 books all entrepreneurs should seek out to improve their techniques and their personality.


The Star Principle – Richard Koch

In this book, entrepreneur Richard Koch tells you how he managed to make over £100 million by finding and investing in ‘star businesses’. These businesses are smaller, niche companies that happen to be opening up sectors with high growth rates.

In the book you can learn how to spot these businesses, how to manage them and even how to create one yourself.


How to Get Rich – Felix Dennis

Entrepreneurial learning doesn’t have to be all boring and serious and this book is proof of it.

In ‘How to Get Rich’, eccentric businessman Felix Dennis takes you on a wild adventure, sharing the secrets of his success and the sometimes unpleasant world of business. This book exposes both the good and bad sides of owning your own company and certainly doesn’t sugar coat anything.

If you’re looking for an honest entrepreneurial read, that isn’t full of fluffy claptrap, then this is one book that you should definitely put on your list.


The Proverbs of Solomon

Whilst this isn’t necessarily a book about how to win at business or how to reinvent your brand, it’s important for entrepreneurs that are looking to find some kind of inner power.

Essentially, it’s a book of proverbs that are easy to understand and offer everyday support when you’re feeling a little low on entrepreneurial spirit. It has its roots based in religion but you definitely don’t have to be spiritual to gain something from it.

Dip into it every day or put some time aside for a bulk read. Whatever way you choose to use this book, it’s a great little find if you want to start making some changes in your life.


Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind – Al Ries & Jack Trout

If you’re after some reading material that’s jam packed full of professional, tried and tested techniques, then this is the gold mine you’ve been looking for. In Positioning, Al and Jack take you through steps to positively position yourself in customer’s minds.

From impregnating brand awareness into a person’s subconscious, to effectively using your competitors’ weaknesses to your advantage, this highly educational book will turn you into a PR star for your own business.

It’s full of top-notch advice and a definite read for entrepreneurs who are hungry for big-time success.


To Be or Not to Be Intimidated? That is the Question – Robert Ringer

Perfect for those working in sales or any roles closely related to sales, this book offers advice on how not to get pushed aside by false intimidation.

In a world full of chaos, Ringer helps people to understand what intimidation is, why you might be experiencing intimidation and how to protect yourself against bullies in the workplace.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll face intimidation on many different levels. So, if you want to know how to get ahead and avoid being brought down by intimidators you’re likely to meet every day, this book can point you in the right direction.