How to brand your invoice


Most freelancers and business owners simply fill out the same boring invoices day in, day out. They have an invoice that isn’t particularly special but it gets the job done and that is seemingly good enough. However, you might not realise that the way you invoice looks can actually have a huge impact on how a client sees you.


Like it or not, it has become common place nowadays to judge a business or company on everything they put forward. People are conscious creatures and a boring invoice might lead people to believe you’re a boring company. Luckily, there are ways you can tidy up those invoices and create a better image for your company.

If you’re worried about how you come across, we have some handy tips to help you brand your invoice and create a more professional image.

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Create A Company Logo

Branding is all about creating a specific image or voice that you want to show clients and customers. It tells people who you are and what you’re about. You brand your website, your blogs and your products, so why not your invoice?

If you haven’t done so already, you need to seriously consider creating a company logo. Without this, you wont be able to successfully brand your invoice. Think about what you want this branding to say about your company and how this will affect the type of client you attract.

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Create A Unique Tone

Your invoice isn’t just about the numbers you put on it, it’s about the way you write too. This might sound odd because not much actually goes into an invoice but a consistent tone that is personal to your business will help it to stand out. If you’re serious about taking your unique style even further, you might want to consider a pay now button, which gives clients a quick and easy way to pay you in just a click. Now can your current invoice do that?

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Upload Your Company Logo

For a uniquely branded invoice, you should apply your company’s logo somewhere on the document. This will ensure that your invoice stands out and could secure a faster payment for products or work undertaken. Using Numberjuice’s invoicing software, you can quickly and easily upload your company logo and ensure that it’s on every invoice you ever send. It’s quick, simple and could change the way you invoice forever.


Start creating your branded invoice today with Numberjuice’s specialist accounting software.