The best new products for start-up businesses



MakerMVP is perfect for small start-ups that have a fantastic idea but need help bringing it life. Whether you are lacking the technical skills to make it happen or just need some professional feedback from an expert, you can submit a proposal and see where it takes you.

The best new products for start-up businesses

Once you’ve written a good proposal and set yourself a budget, you’ll be put in contact with ‘makers’ from the product hunt community who will hopefully help you to realise your dream.

It’s a great way for single person start-ups to get going without having to hand full control of their business over to someone else.

Build It VS Buy It

A smart little calculator for new businesses, Build it VS Buy it helps you to decide whether a project should be outsourced or kept in-house. Using the data you provide, the software clearly shows you how much a product will cost to build it and how much it will cost to buy it.

Input the various costs, maintenance fees, timings of the project and other vital info into the system and let the calculator make your decision much, much easier.

Aqua Notes

Aqua Notes is a small but incredibly nifty way to take down notes. It’s not a complicated piece of software or a hi-tech product, it’s simply a pen and paper you can use in the shower. Sounds weird right?

Whilst the shower isn’t the most creative place to come up with an idea, it is a space where busy people get to do a lot of thinking. As the owner of a small start-up, you probably have a million and one things on your mind.

From paying your taxes to sending that email you’ve been putting off, being able to note things down as soon as they pop into your head can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Numberjuice Accounting

If you’re running a start-up by yourself, accounting is going to take up a huge chunk of your time. It can be complicated and overwhelming but you can take away some of that stress with online accounting software.

Numberjuice helps small business owners manage all of their accounting from one place. Whether you need invoice templates, automatic reminders to stop you missing a payment or detailed reports about your earnings, Numberjuice can help.

Being cheaper and more accessible than a real accountant, it’s perfect for start-ups growing on a budget.

SaaS Invaders

SaaS Invaders is a fantastic and completely free site for start-ups who are looking to save some time and some cash. Each week, entrepreneurs can gain exclusive discounts to different ‘software as a service’ applications. Some discounts let you try services for absolutely nothing, whilst others offer smaller discounts.

With no sign-up fees, joining SaaS Invaders is a smart move for every business owner looking for different ways to grow their business.