4 Helpful Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs


Any entrepreneur will tell you that if they could have more of one thing, it would be time. When you are your own boss, productivity is one of the most difficult things to manage but luckily, there are some great apps out there for every business owner that could do with a little help.

dropbox logo


Dropbox is more than just a place for storing your family photos. In fact, the app and site are firm favourites of many entrepreneurs because of the versatility and ease of access it offers. You can upload PDFs, work notes and copies of important identification all to one place and gain access to it anywhere. Alongside this, thanks to integration with third-party apps, you can also store other application data files in your personal Dropbox.

It’s also possible to create encrypted containers within Dropbox to protect any valuable information you might have stored on there, again with the help of third-party utilities. This option is perfect for any business owners that are concerned about using Dropbox because of privacy issues.

Whilst Dropbox is free to use, you are only given a small amount of online storage (around 2GB) and this can fill up pretty quickly if you are using it regularly. You can obtain more storage by recommending others to the service or alternatively, pay to upgrade your account and gain access to advanced data protection and administrative tools.

Workflow - powerful automation made simple


Managing your time effectively is a must as an entrepreneur and with the workflow app you can easily prioritise the important stuff. This app lets you do an array of amazing things like booking taxis in advance for meetings or even calling your family. If there’s something you need to do on a regular basis, or a task you need to prepare in advance, you can create a button to do it.

Available for iOS users, Workflow allows you to create impressive extensions that plug into other apps so that you can take advantage of its features. Create PDFs in Safari, set up your own colour-coded applications and take advantage of the hundreds of other actions that are available through the app.

Evernote logo


The Evernote app is another favourite of business owners and allows you to create notebooks for literally everything. Create a notebook for expenses receipts for ease of access at a later date, or create a presentation notebook for one of your meetings. Notebooks can also be used for calendars, upcoming trips and notes taken during meetings. The more you use Evernote, the more valuable it becomes.

The app works by using a quick and easy tagging system. Simply tag your notebook pages as you upload them and then search for your work or notes as and when you need them using these tags. Evernote takes away the stress of mindlessly searching through months’ worth of diaries and paperwork just to find what you need.

Focus booster logo

Focus Booster

Productivity apps aren’t all about organising your workload, as the Focus Booster app shows. This app uses its own version of the Pomodoro technique to help improve how quickly you work and how much you get done.

Alternating between 25 minutes of working and a series of short breaks, this app helps you to maintain focus and takes the guilt out of taking a break. As the average person’s concentration span is only a few minutes long, (and getting shorter all the time), this nifty little app uses a discreet timer to tell you when to work and when to stop. Choose from a free 20 session a month plan to get yourself used to the technique or upgrade to a paid version for more sessions.


All of these apps are a great way to start taking better control of your work life, freeing up more of your precious time and helping you to stay focused.