Our Story

“ .. I wish you’d do that bit for me .. ”

So we did.

Let’s get one thing straight.
bookkeeping can be boring!

Ok, so now we’ve said it, let’s turn that idea on its head.

Imagine a world where your books took care of themselves. A world where, as if by magic, all the numbers added up and all the balances balanced. A world in which you only had to do the good bits, like sending out invoices and claiming back lunch.

But your books stayed updated, in real time, every day.

Bookkeeping would be brilliant, right?

We thought that too, so we created Numberjuice to take all the drudge out of keeping your accounts. First, we created the software. "Brilliantly easy" our clients told us. "But we don't have time to do all the thinking, data entry and reconciling." Then famously .. "I wish you'd do that bit for me!"

So now we do. Step in Numberjuice, a small but growing family-run business working with small but growing businesses like yours. You just create and send your invoices to your customers (the fun bit), and use our sofware on any device to upload your other documents and we do the rest. Relaxation, for you to spend how you wish.

It works 24/7, keeping track of everything from the paperclips you bought yesterday to the end of year accounts due next week. And while the oh-so-clever software does its stuff in the sky, you’ll be supported on the ground by a dedicated bookkeeper and a team of real, hardworking people who think the same way as you.

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