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What will it help me to do?

Because our software is cloud-based, you aren’t tied to one device. You’ll be able to do your day-to-day accounting online on any laptop, tablet or mobile phone, and you’ll never have to worry about updates, upgrades or backing up data. You’ll work faster and smarter and - needless to say - your accounts will always be up to date.


What are the advantages of having a dedicated bookkeeper?

There are lots of advantages! When you sign up with Numberjuice you don’t just get bookkeeping software and a few accountancy services. You get a dedicated bookkeeper who’ll get to know you by name and do everything from keeping accurate accounts to liaising on your behalf with HMRC. We’ll set up an introductory phone call at a time to suit you, and give you a direct number and email address so you can check in any time.


Do I have to pay for this additional support and advice?

Not at all. Numberjuice includes free, unlimited bookkeeping advice and expertise whenever you need it. And because your bookkeeper will know you and your business by name, the advice you receive will be tailored to you.

What exactly will my bookkeeper do for me?

Bookkeeping service brought online

Your personal bookkeeper will do everything a traditional accountant would do, and more. On a daily basis, he or she will keep your accounts straight and up to date. Monthly, there’ll be bank reconciliations to check your incomings and outgoings match the numbers you’ve supplied (and check with you if there’s anything missing or the figures don’t add up). You’ll also be able to see a monthly Profit & Loss report on your dashboard, so you always know where you stand.


Why is that better than a high street accountant?

Most high street accountants work on a tax-yearly basis, so your bookkeeping and expenses are checked and tallied at the end of the financial year. Not so with Numberjuice. Your personal bookkeeper will do everything a traditional accountant would do, but your accounts are checked, updated and reconciled on an almost daily basis. This means mistakes and miscalculations are picked up quickly, and can be resolved long before they reach HMRC.


Will Numberjuice do everything a high street accountancy firm does?

Yes, and more. A high street accountancy will look at your accounts once a year. Our online software updates your accounts on a daily basis and you’ll have monthly accountancy checks, bank reconciliations and profit and loss reports. And with the services of your own personal bookkeeper to back up the brilliance of our software, Numberjuice gives you much, much more!


Will my bookkeeper complete my VAT and tax returns?

Yes. Your personal bookkeeper will prepare your tax return at the end of the financial year, and then call you to discuss it before filing it with HMRC. If your business is VAT registered, he or she will also take care of your quarterly VAT returns. It’s all part of the service.


What services do you provide?

Numberjuice offers a full suite of business accounting services. Our team of qualified, accredited accountants will do everything a high street accountant would do for you, but we also give you our free cloud-based software, handy mobile apps and unlimited tax and accountancy advice as your business grows.


So it's more than just year-end?

Yes, much more. We update your accounts daily using the figures you upload using our cloud-based software and mobile apps. We’ll also compile monthly Profit & Loss reports, file quarterly VAT returns and help you register for VAT when the time comes. We offer a fresh approach to traditional accountancy services, for one fixed monthly fee.


So I won’t need a high street accountant?

No, you won't. Numberjuice will do absolutely everything a traditional accountant would do, and quite a lot more. You’ll never have to make an appointment, there are no hidden fees and we never expect you to take us to lunch! For creative, strategic planning or specific industry knowledge then it maybe an idea to buy a little advice from a relevant specialist on an ad hoc basis. Twinned with our service, this has been a great combination for some.

What about quotes and invoices?

online invoicing software on your mobile devices

We’ll configure our online software specifically for your account, and give you a user name and password to get you started. After that you can add your company logo to the supplied template and send polished, professional looking quotes and invoices in just a few clicks. You can even include a ‘Pay Now’ button and get paid online too.


Is the software free?

Yes. Our accounting software is free and you access it online, so you wont have to invest in new hardware or install any software on your hard drive. It also means you’ll be able to access your accounts on any device with an internet connection.

How do I upload my expenses?

upload receipts and expenses to your accountant

Our accounting software has a unique Snap n Load function that enables you to photograph and upload receipts online using your smart phone. No more spreadsheets and keeping envelopes or shoeboxes stuffed with receipts. You’ll be able to upload your expenses in seconds, and they’ll be collated and filed for you securely online.


Full tax and HMRC services

Our accountancy services are set up to handle everything your business might need, from completing your CT600, SA800 or corporation tax returns to filing your Confirmations Statement and accounts with Companies House. Whatever the size or nature of your business, we’re here to help.


What about Payroll?

If you have employees we can even look after your payroll. We’ll email pay-slips to you and your employees, and we’ll let you know what you need to pay HMRC. It’s all included in your monthly fee; there’s nothing extra to pay.


Can you help with Self-Assesment too?

Absolutely. Our cloud-based accounting software makes it easy to keep your accounts up to date in real time. Your numbers will be there when you need them, and we’ll check over your Self Assessment Tax Return before you file it to HMRC.


No fixed term contract

You’re not tied to a long fixed term contract with Numberjuice. We work on a rolling 30-day agreement, giving you all the benefits and features of Numberjuice for one low monthly fee. Our pricing is totally transparent, so you always know exactly where you stand.


Rolling 30-day agreement

Our software is cloud-based, so you can sign in and use it on any device with an internet connection. You don’t have to buy or download anything up front, and you’ll never have to worry about installing upgrades, updates or new versions. You’ll always have the latest software, and our cleverest apps, at your fingertips.


Is my data protected?

Yes, 100%. Our cloud-based accounting software and all your data is housed on secure, remote servers protected by military grade security. Two-step authentication at log-in, industry-standard data encryption and online backups throughout the day and 365 days per year, means your financial data is totally secure.


Is it secure?

Actually your data is more secure with us, not less. It’s not on a hard drive, or on software that could be corrupted or damaged. It’s not being carried about on a memory stick and it’s not being emailed back and forth. It’s encrypted, backed up and password protected, and it will never, ever be left on a train!


What is an online dashboard?

The online dashboard is one of our software’s most useful tools. Log in any time to check your precise accounting position - sales, expenses, outstanding invoices, money you owe, top 10 customers, monthly profit and loss reports, and more. Again, because the software is online you can view this data any time and on any device. Accountancy has never been so easy, or so clear!